Technical Expertise

If you have already looked at my page "Me, Outside" you will have seen that I am working on adding to my own technical expertise with outdoor adventure sports, but I am becoming more and more comfortable with backpacking, climbing, caving, snowboarding, and a few other skills that I have been practicing in the last year or two. I would like to become considerably more proficient in all of these activities, and watch others teach them, which I believe will be keys in my ability to transfer my knowledge to others and allow it to be meaningful. It is important for outdoor leaders to possess high levels of technical expertise in the area in which they are instructing in order to build high levels of trust and instill confidence in their participants. Unfortunately, technical expertise is something that I may only accomplish over time, so despite my rushing to participate in as many experiences as possible it will still be a while before I might be considered a technical expert in any of the outdoor activities in which I participate.