Self-Awareness and Professional Conduct

For me, I exercise self-awareness as a part of daily life. Whether I am leading in the outdoors or walking through a campus building, it is important to me that I remain aware of my surroundings and how I may be affecting others. I always make sure that this effect is positive, be it displaying my personal climbing techniques or holding a door open for someone nearby. When I'm at work at any of the Ohio University Outdoor Pursuits facilities the concepts of self-awareness and professional conduct are working hand-in-hand as I strive to exemplify best-practice risk management techniques and create a friendly and welcoming environment. I am aware of the influence I have and have had on others as an employee of Outdoor Pursuits and other groups with which I have worked, and when I see the positive effects still in action with the people I have helped introduced to climbing and the outdoors I am ecstatic.