Teaching and Facilitation

It's great if you can climb a wall with finesse, belay for your friends in and outside, style a rapid like a professional, stay safe in a cave, or carve down the mountain on black diamonds all day; but if you don't have the ability to transfer those skills through teaching and facilitation there will not be much to do in the "education" area of this field. Luckily for me, I have at least completed all of the above activities, and taught others how to do some of them. I had the chance to practice my teaching skills during my Fundamentals of Rock Climbing class, in which I was asked to teach proper belay techniques including ground-anchor set-up, BUS technique, and the belay contract/commands. I felt as though I was able to use my experience with the above to really get my message across, and before the end of the day the students were safely belaying for each other. An outdoor leader's hard skills are worthless if they can't transfer them to their students and participants.